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Onkyo speakers review

Looks the part, built to last and plenty of features, but this Onkyo speaker struggles where it counts most — the sound test. A fair assumption is that the Onkyo X3 wireless speaker is the bigger brother to the little Onkyo T3.

In the process, though, it loses the visual charm of the little T3. The upside is more space for components. The X3 speaker houses a pair of 45mm drivers, plus a brace of 64mm passive radiators, driven by 2 x 4.

The package includes a power supply and, handily, regional plugs, meaning one less device for your travel plug. The X3 also offers a multi-pairing function.

onkyo speakers review

Essentially, this enables you to simultaneously connect two devices, letting you instantly switch music between two phones, for example. MORE: How to choose the right wireless speaker.

As expected it sounds bigger than the slighter X3, reaching further while delivering an evenly spread sound. Detail is fine here too, and individual instruments are clear and present. Switch to similarly priced, and sized, rival speakers and they give Mars not just space in which to maraud, but outer space, too.

onkyo speakers review

MORE: Best wireless speakers As is the way, the biggest problem for the Onkyo X3 is not its personal shortcomings — the unit remains well specified, adequately turned out, and overall listenable. See all our Onkyo reviews. What Hi-Fi? Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Home Reviews. Our Verdict Looks the part, built to last and plenty of features, but this Onkyo speaker struggles where it counts most — the sound test.

For Curvaceous design Larger soundfield than the little Onkyo T3 Decent spread of sound Enables simultaneous Bluetooth connection of two devices. Against Overall delivery is lacklustre, lacking excitement Bass and midrange need more body and power Price pits it up against some seriously talented rivals.

MORE: Best wireless speakers Verdict As is the way, the biggest problem for the Onkyo X3 is not its personal shortcomings — the unit remains well specified, adequately turned out, and overall listenable.

These models set the bar high and the X3 fails to clear the height. Battery Information Battery Rechargeable Yes. Physical Characteristics Width Network and Communication Bluetooth Yes.When it comes to our senses, most will argue that sight and sound are the first two that come to mind. Most of the media that we consume is focused on these two senses, and this media would not be the same if it were not for one sense or the other. I'm sure that we can all agree that sound plays an integral role in our entertainment.

Music, one of the most popular art forms in the world, relies entirely on sound. While there may be visual elements to music album covers, live performances, and moreit wouldn't be music if you can't hear it.

To enjoy a form of entertainment that is primarily based on sound, you will need a source for it. Just like an image requires a monitor to be formed, you will need something to produce or replicate the sound that you want to enjoy, and this is where speakers come into the picture. It is challenging to compare sound-based entertainment to those that are based on visuals as the medium in which you will find sound is the very air around us as opposed to a canvas or screen.

The speaker is not the medium in which you will find sound; it is merely the source of the noise. There are a few things to consider when you are trying to find the ideal set of speakers.

Of course, you will want a proper pair of speakers to feature the right sound fidelity to ensure that your music, movie, or anything else does not end up sounding distorted and wrong.

Onkyo X3 review

The range of speakers refers to their ability to reproduce sounds of different frequencies. A speaker with superior range will be able to play highs and lows equally well. On the other hand, if your speaker is not optimized for a wide range of frequencies, it may be ideal for bass, though the treble may be lacking. It is difficult to tell whether or not a speaker features a reasonable range until you take the time to sit down and listen to a variety of music on it.

This is one of the reasons for which it is so challenging to find the best possible speaker until you have heard it yourself.

Onkyo TX-NR686 Review and Sound Test

Over the course of our review, we will attempt to give you a good idea of the range that is featured by the speaker that we are looking at. Aside from hearing a speaker, you can also take a look at the drivers with which it is equipped to get an idea of what sounds will be more powerful. When looking for the best speaker, you will typically want to opt for the model with the broadest range and the best fidelity across that range of sound.

Of course, your ideal speaker will depend on the kind of music that you tend to listen too, as different genres emphasize different frequencies. Onkyo is known for making quality speakers that will not break the bank.

Over the course of our review, we are going to be seeing whether or not these speakers are worth the money. From what we have seen so far, we have no reason to expect disappointment from these speakers from Onkyo. One of the typical issues that you will have with floorstanding speakers is that they are just too expensive to make them a reasonable choice for a home audio system. You can spend hours searching for the most affordable floorstanding speakers, and you may still end up empty-handed.

Thankfully, this model from Onkyo is ideal for customers who would like to invest in a pair of floorstanding speakers without going bankrupt. You may be wondering if there is some catch, and we are happy to report that these speakers have no hidden issues or downsides. There are many features on these speakers that you will not find available on models in the same price range.

onkyo speakers review

For example, the inclusion of a woofer equalizer will help keep your sound under control. Another feature that you will typically not find on affordable speakers is support for banana plugs.

We were impressed by the build quality of these speakers, as we have come to expect flimsy cabinets and worse from speakers that are priced so affordably. After going over what customers have had to say about this particular set of speakers, we will be reporting the most common sources of praise and the most prevalent complaints. These speakers were often praised for their exceptional value for money when they were compared to other models. You will find few products that are as reliable and effective as these speakers at the same price point.

Onkyo HT-S7800 Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 ch network home theater Unboxing - 3 of 3

Of course, it is not as if everything is ideal when it comes to these speakers. The mids on this set of speakers were criticized for being drowned out by the highs and the lows, which is an unfortunate downside.

As we have already mentioned, you will find that these are some of the most affordable floorstanding speakers on the market.The renunciation of digital sound processing. Back then, when every year the product catalogs of the big brands were eagerly awaited and every manufacturer had a whole fleet of models, from entry-level model to high-end. The tidy-looking front is dominated by a centrally-placed volume control. If you like to listen at higher volumes during the evening without bothering your neighbors, you will be pleased with the built-in headphone amplifier, which was designed with a dedicated circuit and gratefully receives a 6.

Furthermore there is a balance tone control plus a Phase Matching Bass Boost function that boosts bass and treble at low levels. Our favorite function is the Direct Mode that elegantly bypasses tone and PM Bass circuitry and thus eliminates sound-reducing influences.

With a bit of creativity, an modest but high-quality system can be build around the Onkyo A As for speakers we connected the Q Acoustics Concept The Onkyo A revealed itself as an absolutely harmonious musician, although we did miss some of the finer details, but that was absolutely fine considering the modest price.

Overall the Onkyo A displayed a neatly sparkling, focused style of play, which gave the music a dynamic start without trending too exuberant hardness or even roughness. The Onkyo A offers a lot of value for its moderate price. He plays impressively solid for such a low-priced entry-level amp, and can be expanded to an unparalleled good investment with matching speakers such as the Q Acoustics Concept 20a network player and or a turntable.

Amplifier Section. Power Output. Damping Factor. Input Sensitivity and Impedance. Phono MM. Output Level and Impedance. Line out. Phono Overload.

Frequency Response. Tone Control.

onkyo speakers review

Signal-to-Noise Ratio. Speaker Impedance. Power Supply. AC V, 60 Hz. Power Consumption. Standby Power Consumption.The Tractrix Horn technology delivers stunningly realistic sound with wide dynamic range. Great frequency response provides phenomenally smooth and rich sound experience that will please even the most discerning audiophiles. It's a great addition to your home theater setup! The model offers a variety of inputs for connecting all types of audio gear and portable devices.

Bluetooth enables pairing the tower with any compatible devices wirelessly. This is a sound choice! The evolved Pioneer SP-FS52 Floor-standing Loudspeaker has enhanced sensitivity and reproduces exceptionally dynamic bass and crystal clear, grounded mids. This high-end floor-standing loudspeaker offers fantastic natural and rich sound reproduction. Feel the presence and immerse yourself into your favorite music compositions! The Onkyo SKF floor-standing speakers can be used either as part of a stereo system or as front speakers in a surround sound setup.

These units deliver amazingly remarkable and lifelike sound! Two large sub-bass radiators produce incredibly powerful bass effects. With its amazing sound ensured by Dynamic Balance, it'll create a special atmosphere of your favorite movies and video clips.

Let's look at Klipsch RF closer. Without a doubt, it'll be a nice companion for any home sound system setup. The model comes with double-band drivers that produce great frequency response range Hz. Impressive sound and also elaborate design are the features that place Klipsch RF into the list of top-class models.

This floor-standing speaker uses a combination of drivers to produce a punching bass as well as improved midrange and high-frequency response. Two injection molded graphite woofers specifically designed by Klipsch deliver powerful, natural and dynamic sound. Additionally, the speaker is equipped with a removable grille protecting the speaker's drivers. A purchase of an expensive speaker setup does not always guarantee you a perfectly sounding stereo system.

However, the well-chosen stereo receiver can influence the quality of sound dramatically! This is definitely the thing you should not skimp on!

Horn tweeters and ported woofers create a 2. The Samsung TW-J features a variety of different ports to connect any type of devices.

Thanks to Bluetooth, you'll be able to connect your smartphone, tablet, or PC wirelessly.A new addition to the Onkyo 6-Series is the THX Select certification, which is not only rare in the entry-level class.

THX is no longer important to many manufacturers. Positive: The volume keys are freely positioned. The appearance of the receiver, which is available in black or silver, has hardly changed compared to its predecessor, the TX-NR, but the smoothly running volume wheel has been redesigned; it is now a bit deeper and is thus more tangible. The speaker layout also remained unchanged: Since the TX-NR has only 7 power amplifiers, it can be used to realize a maximum of 7.

Due to the lack of pre-outs, the multi-channel sound is limited to 7 channels plus 2 subwoofers; 9-channel sound and more are only available from the larger RZ series at Onkyo. Free power amplifiers can also be used for the bi-amping of the main speakers or the active sound of a second room; alternatively, the pre-outs provide audio signals for a second listening zone. Ceiling boxes can be placed in front, in the middle and in the back. Of course, Dolby-Enabled speakers are also supported.

Unfortunately, the two subwoofers that can be plugged in can not be controlled separately; the same signal always sounds from both outputs. The equalizer may also be activated in parallel with AccuEQ, but it only works with boxing pairs.

Of the 15 bands, 9 can be activated simultaneously, the filters range from 25 to 16 kHz. Schelte is there for the large distance and level steps of 3 centimeters respectively 1dB units; better would be 1 centimeter or 0.

We have nothing to complain about in crossover management, which provides crossover frequencies between 40 and hertz for each pair of speakers, and between 80 and hertz on the subwoofer. At Auro 3D you have to do without Onkyo in Thus, DTS signals can be played back with Dolby decoders and vice versa. The exception is native 3D sound. Receivers with HDMI 2. You have to do without a video scaler and video equalizer, which costs points.

The device scans video signals 1: 1. In the hearing test, however, this played virtually no role. Here, the Onkyo turned out to be no child of sadness, he played dynamic and powerful, rock music was particularly lively and fun with a lot of fun.

Classical recordings, on the other hand, lacked suppleness, as revealed by 5. Also, the TX-NR did not resolve complex orchestral arrangements as audibly and widely as the more expensive AV receivers can. The measurement was fast and without complications, but we had to readjust the crossover frequencies and distances a bit. The flying effects could be located cleanly in the room, even if the sound field could have been a bit bigger.

Even with stereo music in Pure Direct mode, which bypasses all components that are not absolutely necessary for the playback, the Onkyo made a lot of fun with its direct, powerful and finely resolved playing style. The 7 power amplifiers also convince with their powerful and dynamic sound.

A better receiver will hardly be found for euros. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Contents 0. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.The Onkyo SKF is one of the best value floor standing speaker. The one-inch soft dome tweeter projects clear and concise high-frequency effects that have no problem cutting through rumbling bass.

Onkyo SKF-4800 Entertainment Floorstanding Speakers Review

The cabinet design is a bit bulky compared to some speakers we tested, but it makes for some impactful low tones. The black semi-gloss enclosure is monolithic and boring, but the cabinet design places the speakers at the perfect height for seated listening. Onkyo is well-known for producing some of the best low-cost audio equipment available. For about the same price as a mid-level sound bar or home theater speaker package, you can pair the SKFs with an entry-level Onkyo receiver for a proper surround sound system.

The rumbling movie effects and bass guitar sounds were balanced and impactful in our movie and music tests. The one noticeable flaw of these towers is the midrange content. Both the high- and low-frequencies were much more prevalent in our movie listening tests, and the dialogue was muffled. We suggest adding a center channel alongside the SKF, especially if you enjoy action movies. The semi-gloss finish does a great job of hiding fingerprints and dust, and the large footprint keeps these large enclosures upright, even on thick carpeting.

One design flaw worth noting is the poorly constructed rear-port. Best smart speakers Voice assistant AI powered audio for your home. Marshall Stanmore II Voice review. Sonos One review. Amazon Echo Studio review. Apple HomePod review. Sonos Move review. Google Home Max review. Google Nest Mini review. Google Home review. Amazon Echo Dot with Clock review.Dolby Atmos has made fantastic in-roads into cinemas in the last couple of years, with a flood of movies featuring the more immersive surround sound f One of the emerging trends of has been the speaker base.

They've appeared from all quarters - including Onkyo, here with the LS-T10 - looking to For most people the hi-fi is dead. The days of needing two large speakers and a central unit to play music died when we switched to MP3s and AAC audio. Onkyo is a brand more typically associated with AV receivers. Some boast price tags that only the most serious of movie-lovers would consider. But wha Home cinema audio is often neglected, with TVs getting all the attention.

The truth is though, that you could spend less on a TV and more on your audi On the whole, Onkyo receivers and amplifiers are excellent, especially for the price. Onkyo is the market leader in AV amplifiers and receivers for good reason. It has, for the last few years at least, crammed its kit with as much tech Expanding your TV beyond the default screen and connected player or console can be a daunting task.

So you've got a PS3, but you need something to make those Blu-ray movies come to life in sound as well as picture? Onkyo thinks it has the answer with.

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