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Iba conference 2020

You may think that we are desperately trying to challenge your linguistic skills when we choose the locations for our international conferences. This time, we give you another challenge. You will also have to adapt to a new alphabeth for reading: Cyrillic!

But luckily, you may find other spellings and pronounciations for the city, more suitable for your tongue, like Lwow or Lemberg. It is the same place, and it is in Western Ukraine, not far from the Polish border. This is where we will hold the IBA conferenceand explore blackcurrants in Ukraine. Western Ukraine is a huge berry growing area. Even though Ukraine also grows blackcurrants around Kiev and further east in the country, the recently created Ukrainian Berries association has chosen Lviv for our conference.

The city, with less than a million inhabitants, is the largest in Western Ukraine. It has nice facilitites for hosting conferences. As you may know, Ukraine has not always been independent. After several hundred years of foreign domination Kingdom of Poland before the 17th, Habsburg Empire in the 19th, and Soviet Union in the 20th century, mainlywe will visit a young independent country.

Ukraine has become a part of the free trade area with the European Union in Blackcurrant growing is expanding in Ukraine. It may be too early yet to make your travel arrangements. But as usual, we will give you all the information you need in one of our website sections.

We will update you with uselful hints for travelling, for the venue and many more. In the meantime, you may already check out general information on Lvivon the Ukrainian blackcurrant industryflights leading to Lviv and administrative information for visas if requested. We are looking forward to meeting you in Lviv for the IBA conference ! Very recentely, Ukraine has joined the International Blackcurrant Association. Their involvement starts with a huge project: the promise to host the next IBA conference — in Lviv!

Where are we going? Blackcurrants in Ukraine. Some bit of history. How to come to the IBA conference in Lviv.

iba conference 2020

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.Immerse yourself in the banking industry, network with your peers and be exposed to a variety of events that are sure to increase your level of confidence and performance. Visit our upcoming programs calendar to view the latest details and to register. Ag lending requires highly specialized lending skills and an understanding of the unique markets available to farmers in Illinois.

As in all other industries, ag banking is constantly changing. Ag lenders need to stay current on the latest issues in agricultural markets, economics and risk management. The Ag Banking Conference addresses these and other important issues to increase your knowledge and improve your ability to serve ag customers.

AugustCrowne Plaza Springfield. Sign me up for ! The Conference offers a perfect mix of education and professional development opportunities and networking events. There is something for everyone! Event Info Here. The year-in-review on state and federal banking industry developments, legislation, regulation, court decisions, and the regulators' latest hot button issues.

IBA Annual Conference Miami 2020

Learn More. Whether you are a full-time compliance officer or an internal auditor, or if compliance is one of your many hats, this conference will help you identify and manage cutting edge issues that are central to a successful compliance or audit program. This annual event features industry experts, banking leaders, and regulators addressing issues critical to the banking industry.

Chief executive officers, presidents, senior managers and directors will benefit from the educational programming and peer-to-peer networking.

November 5, Gleacher Center, Chicago. Join us for the Spring Law Review, where members of the IBA will meet and greet each other and return to their banks with invaluable compliance tips, too!


The IBA Law Department will provide in-depth analyses on important developments in Illinois and federal banking laws over the past twelve months, and how they can and will affect your bank. The ONE features seven educational tracks, 39 informative sessions, an engaging trade show, and ample networking opportunities. Educational tracks include bank marketing, financial management, human resources, leadership development, relationship management, retail banking, risk management and technology and operations.

Register Today! Network with your peers, compare notes with those who have similar challenges and successes, and learn from top-rated speakers on management, leadership, industry issues and personal development.

The conference focuses on helping your bank stand out and succeed. This annual event is held exclusively for Illinois bankers to learn the latest in industry trends. It begins with a delicious breakfast followed by a brief business meeting and legislative update. The finale of the event is a keynote speaker who addresses a pressing topic relative to the banking industry.The organization has over members from over 50 countries.

The eight bear species of the world pose significant research and management challenges to governments, local authorities, wildlife biologists, land managers, park personnel, tribal councils, and private landowners. The public sometimes endures hardships caused by bears; the public also highly values bears and wants them to survive.

Management responsibility for bears and their habitats rests with numerous national and local agencies and councils. Encroaching civilization, often involving land-use conflicts, competition for resources, and overexploitation by humans, has resulted in the decline or disappearance of bear habitat and bear populations in portions of their ranges.

IBA Conference 2020: Let’s explore Ukraine!

Continued viability of populations will be largely contingent upon a cooperative approach towards research, management, land use, and education. As the pre-eminent professional organization focused on bears, IBA supports the scientific management and conservation of all bear species through research, distribution of scientific information, and fostering professional connections among its members through conferences and workshops.The Annual Conference will be held in Miami, a major US centre and leading city for finance, commerce, culture, entertainment and international trade.

Register your interest. With an abundance of business and networking opportunities on offer, this modern metropolis will be a fantastic location for the largest and most prestigious event for international lawyers.

Listen to industry thought leaders and experts sharing their advice to enable you to re-engineer your approach to business. Build strategies for success by sharing your experiences and issues with lawyers from all practice areas from across the globe. Generate more work and referrals by making connections with a network of over 6, international lawyers from more than 2, law firms, corporations and regulators.

Click below to see all the advertising, exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities for the IBA Annual Conference in Miami Register your interest to receive further information on the IBA Annual Conference when registration opens in March How will you benefit from attending IBA ?

Sponsorship opportunities Click below to see all the advertising, exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities for the IBA Annual Conference in Miami Register your interest Register your interest to receive further information on the IBA Annual Conference when registration opens in March Register your interest.The ONE features seven educational tracks, 39 informative sessions, an engaging trade show and ample networking opportunities. Educational tracks include bank marketing, financial management, human resources, leadership development, retail banking, risk management, and technology and operations.

Send three bankers and the fourth registration is FREE! Need assistance? Register Today! Kent Morrison All too often the focus is on possibilities rather than probabilities when considering overall safety in the workplace.

Resources can be stretched thin when attempting to prepare for all possibilities, which are infinite.

iba conference 2020

Capitalizing on his years of military and high-risk security experience, Morrison helps you anticipate and prepare for the most likely types of incidents, while remaining flexible for unforeseen potential concerns.

The presentation also identifies self-awareness techniques to utilize while in public settings or unfamiliar surroundings. The common thread to achieving success in all these areas is connection. With dozens of Trade Show prizes up for grabs, you could be a big winner! Thursday, March 5 p.


Break with Exhibitors p. Reception with Exhibitors. Friday, March 6 a. Break with Exhibitors a. Lunch with Exhibitors. The hotel features spacious two-room suites with separate sleeping and living areas and a host of convenient amenities designed to heighten the comfort of your stay, including a microwave, refrigerator, two inch televisions, coffee maker with complimentary coffee and teas, hairdryer, iron and ironing board, wet bar, safe, and large work desk.

Maintain your exercise regime with a fully equipped fitness room and a tropical pool area with swimming pool, whirlpool and sundeck. Additional Lodging Options. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit www. Qualifying sessions include those in the Human Resources and Leadership Development tracks as well as the general session presentations. Public accountants licensed in the state of Illinois will earn 5 credits of continuing professional education credit for attending sessions in the Financial Management track.The IBA is the foremost organisation for international legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies, with 80, individual members spanning countries.

Established inshortly after the creation of the United Nations, the IBA was born out of the conviction that it could contribute to global stability and peace through the promotion and protection of the rule of law.

Read more about the IBA. IBA conferences provide a forum for the dissemination of specialist legal information and networking opportunities. The events are open to members and non-members, and are a great way to meet CPD requirements. We are living in extraordinary times. I send you my sincerest greetings and profound wishes that you and your families are safe and well.

As international lawyers A selection of hand-picked highlights of digital content related to the rule of law - including films, Global Insight features and news analysis, podcasts, and more Global Insight takes a look at the under-resourced justice system in England and Wales and how the years of neglect might be reversed. A long-running dispute over sovereignty of the Northwest Passage is one of numerous tensions being heightened by the climate crisis.

As governments around the world move to automate social security, Global Insight evaluates the dangers of unchecked digital transformation. Global Insight explains why the reforms on copyright law in the EU are highly controversial and what their impact is likely to be.

States have taken drastic action to combat Covid But there is clear potential for abuse of the situation and a detrimental effect on the rule of law, says Baroness Helena Kennedy. In the wake of the Weinstein trial, Global Insight assesses how legal and judicial systems continue to let down victims of sexual harassment and violence.

Javaid Rehman, UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Iran, discusses his role and the difficulties involved, as well as recent protests in the country.

An essential resource for human rights defenders A challenge to overturn Section A of the Singapore Penal Code, which outlaws homosexuality, was dismissed on March 30 The State of Colorado, United States has become the 22nd state to abolish capital punishment. The joint IBAHRI and Universidad Externado de Colombia initiative brings together a collection of articles from multidisciplinary professionals to promote the effective prevention of torture The IBA undertakes various projects across the breadth of its committees and other groups.

The IBA is committed to working with the global legal community to contribute to global stability and peace through the promotion and protection of the rule of law. IBA report urges law-makers to create bespoke legislation for sextortion. Launched in Decemberthis StAR book, written jointly with the IBA, outlines an underutilised way to pursue the restitution of corrupt funds. The global voice of the legal profession Covid — latest updates and resources from the IBA.

Read more.The International Conferences are rotated between the Americas and Eurasia on an month rotation.

iba conference 2020

In addition to the International Conferences, the IBA also supports national and regional workshops, which can vary widely in their scope and topics. IBA generally collaborates with sponsors of these workshops, but official approval by the IBA is not required. November 12, - November 17, in Quito, Ecuador. October 5, - October 11, in Thessaloniki, Greece. November 26, - November 30, in New Delhi, India. July 17, - July 23, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. May 18, - May 22, in Tbilisi, Georgia Republic.

November 4, - November 10, in Monterrey, Mexico. October 2, - October 6, in Nagano, Japan. September 27, - October 1, in Riva del Garda, Italy. August 4, - August 9, in Steinkjer, Norway. January 1, - January 5, in Brasov, Romania.

September 20, - September 24, in Graz, Austria. September 11, - September 14, in Mora, Sweden. October 19, - October 22, in Grenoble, France. February 20, - February 25, in Victoria, Canada. June 1, - June 4, in Moscow, Russia. January 1, - January 4, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. August 1, - August 4, in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

Sponsorship is approved by the IBA Council and proposals for hosting the international conference should be submitted several years in advance. For more information, contact the IBA President below. Mark Brigham. Journal of Mammalogy, 91 2 Download PDF. IBA Conferences.

The IBA sponsors international conferences and workshops about bear biology, research, and management.

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