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Hot female triathletes

These are the hottest and most beautiful, sexy women in the world of sports. Not only do these girls walk around with the hottest bodies and gorgeous smiles that could make any man fall over, but they excel in a sport. That makes them that much sexier. Feast your eyes on this, but make sure not to get drool all over your shirt.

hot female triathletes

She was the Player of the Year by leading the tour in points and attending every single tournament. Bia and Branca Feres twins started practicing swimming and gymnastics at the age of three, and started on synchronized swimming at the age of seven. They reached second place in the Pan American Junior Orlando in They represented Brazil in the Pan American games. She has been as high as the number 2 female golfer in the world. Leryn broke the national records for the under year age group in for both the javelin and triple jump.

She won bronze medals in and at the South American Junior Championships and finally won the javelin title in Gulbis is the hottest girl on the LPGA tour. She is considered a sex symbol for ladies golfers and these pictures are testament to that. She turned pro at only 18 years of age and has several career wins as well as several top 5 place in the Major tournaments. Amanda Beard participated in the, and Summer Olympics, winning seven medals. Allison Stokke is a pole vaulter for the University of California.

She won the California state pole vaulting title and broke five national records. Michelle Wie turned professional shortly before her 16th Birthday becoming one of the most hyped female athletes in years. However, she has yet to win her first professional title.

Tanith Belbin has won a Olympic silver medalist and is a four-time World medalist, three-time Four Continents champion and five-time US champion.OK, we admit it we just love top ten lists and we especially love any top ten list that features sexy people in general, and specifically sexy triathletes. Over the last few years we've conducted our annual polls to find both the hottest male and female triathletes each year.

You can check out the polls, photos, and results of those annual polls HERE. But you have to admit it is hard not to wonder who's the sexiest triathlete of them all.

We've gathered photos of ten of what we think are the ten hottest and sexiest triathletes of the last several years. Check out our top ten sexiest triathletes and please vote for one man and one women triathlete who you think is the sexiest of them all. Follow on twitter everymantri or view latest videos on YouTube. He may be a doctor, bachelor, and navel officer, but Andy Baldwin is also one smoking hot triathlete. She may be an actress, a housewife desperate or not but she's also a fit and a very sexy triathlete.

She's most certainly the fit, fast, and of course one half of the hottest triathlon couple in the sport of triathlon. He's just as fit and fast as his sexy tri wife, and together that makes the Lavatos the hottest triathlon couple in the water, on the bike, or on the run. She's a model, runner, and perhaps one of the most photogenic triathletes in the sport over the last few years which makes her 2X sexy. He's an actor, dancer, and Hollywood celebrity, and of course a really fast triathlete which is a great combination for what's hot.

In our book she not only has hot abs but sizzles with some serious sex appeal. He's also our longtime friend and of course one sexy endurance triathlete. She's a model, a Baywatch babe, a Hawaiian beauty queen and of course a crazy hot amatuer triathlete. You may know him as cyclist, but long before he won the Tour de France he was winning triathlons and we think that there is nothing sexier in life than success and Armstrong has that in spades.

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Site Meter. No U-Turn. And now it's your turn to vote. Best of all you'll see the current results of the poll the second you vote. Andy Baldwin He may be a doctor, bachelor, and navel officer, but Andy Baldwin is also one smoking hot triathlete.Racing Weight explores the average body types of athletes in cross-country skiing, cycling, rowing, running, swimming, and triathlon and explains how each body type is suited to its sport.

Runners who have less gravity to fight with each step are more efficient. Cyclists tend to be twiggy up top with muscular legs. The typical time trialist body is 6 feet and lbs. They have large feet and flexible ankles—great for kicking propulsion. Fat is more buoyant than muscle. The nature of the sport means that there are more ways to win, which lessens the competitive selection pressure on body type.

Triathletes are often tall, but not exclusively so. They are muscular but the leanest of any endurance sport. Both classes feature muscular bodies. Racing Weight is a proven weight-management program designed specifically for endurance athletes. Revealing the latest research and drawing from the best practices of elite athletes, coach and nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald lays out six easy steps to help cyclists, triathletes, and runners lose weight without harming their training.

Each sport favors a particular body type. Search for:.In college it's different….

What fine examples of female athletes-wink, wink (10 Photos)

And of the HS kids who died in sports from67 of them were cheerleaders. You're an idiot!! I am sure that this poster is more than likely a sexist, uninformed loser who has nothing better to do with his or her time… but for the sake of argument I will say this:.

Anyone who is willing to be thrown into the air, bent a million different ways, do about six hundred flips in meters and play hurt no matter what is an athlete no matter what this idiot says.

Cheerleaders are some of the most athletic people on the planet, as indicated by their gigantic thigh muscles and their teancity, persistence, and general toughness. In any case I would guess this poster would probably die of overexertion in they ever attempted to do even one move a cheerleader does on a regular basis, so his or her viewpoint is really rather irrelevant.

Cheerleading takes alot of athletic ability. Just gotta love gymnastics, takes me back to my Marylou Retton fantasies. Thank you chive for reminding me of Alicia Sacramone's ass. She didn't win the gold, but she is definitely at the top of my pedestal! Marching band doesn't form a pyramid of people five high and jump off and land like a feather and go right on bouncing and jumping around like they didn't just fall 25 feet onto a hard rubber mat.

Oh my. What a sexist idiot you are. I am quite positive you have a girlfriend who is more than a figment of your internet imagination…. I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Upload Profile. Like this post? Bobba Fett. Gymnists make me happy in my underthings.Post updated on January 30, Snezena is a track athlete from Slovenia who specializes in the triple jump. Darya is a Russian long jumper who has won many European Championships over the years and was in the Olympic games. Sloane Stephens is an American professional tennis player who is currently ranked World No.

Michelle Jenneke is an Australian hurdler and model, who won a silver medal for the m hurdles at the Summer Youth Olympics. She is probably known more for her bouncy dance warm-up she does shown here. We actually find the warm-up routine pretty annoying and it makes us want to see her get beat. She is hot though. Seems appropriate!

Brooke is an MMA fighter with Bellator. She is a former college soccer player who took up Jiu-Jitsu after an injury ended her soccer career and the rest is history. Hell, Lisa Leslie looks better lol Try again guys. I disagree!! Too US centric. Some broader research required.

What’s Your Body Type: Cyclist, Runner, Triathlete, Rower, or Swimmer?

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. News Ticker. Next The 30 Hottest Crossfit Bodies of Ellen Hoog retired from the national team in and as a player in What about the middle long distance athlete Ganzebe Dibaba?

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All rights reserved.James Lange I was out at Life Time Oceanside last year and my girlfriend pretty much missed my entire race because she was following him around instead. That was the race where he did it on an old bike in a speedo and half singlet, too. Ryf is def hot I think Corbin isnt bad either. This page on Facebook should keep most of you entertained for a while. Howdy, Stranger!

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hot female triathletes

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Vote: Best Bodies In Triathlon – Women

Men or women: pictures required! For me, Kirsten Sweetland is sweet indeed! I don't know what it is about Canada that makes their women endurance athletes so hot; can anyone give me a reason to stay in the states? August He is pretty hot. Zach Boring and AaronWebstey both said they would hit it Options Send PM. Kirsten was when I knew her - I can't look at her that way as a result.

hot female triathletes

Sad, because I know she is a stone cold fox. My all time favourite as discussed in other threads is Joelle Franzmann. There's something about that tooth gap I think The prettiest face in all of triathlon. Brit athlete Alice Hector, defo floats my boat.

Radka Vodickova engaged to Brad Kahlefeldt. Fabienne St Louis. Holy Halle Berry!

That Ryf link is barely SFW and takes the cake. August edited August Whoever invented sports for women deserves a cold one because the number of incredibly hot female athletes is growing every day. The best part is these lovely ladies become models on the side, professionally or just on their social media accounts.

In other words, they look good in bikinis and they know it. After seeing this incredibly hot picture of her, you probably already guessed that she has posed nude multiple times. Heck, you probably already can tell this image is cropped because of that hint, hint. This third basewoman-turned-model was a standout at Arizona State before trading in her cleats and glove for a swimsuit. Put simply, we're glad she decided to use her good looks as a profession instead of her athleticism.

Having done over 1, skydives in her life as a pro skydiver, Anais Zanotti is an accomplished athlete but she's way more popular as a model, having appeared on the cover of almost 40 different publications while showing off her assets. Brown, a former University of Florida softball player, enjoys soaking in the sun and showing off her beautiful body. Her athleticism was genetic as she was born to two Olympic gymnastics coaches.

The former face of women's MMA, Gina Carano's career has expanded and really exploded in recent years. She's now an actress, TV personality and fitness model who's known more for her looks than anything else.

You can't count out her 12 kickboxing wins and eight MMA wins, though; she was the real deal in the ring. They just don't make them any hotter than this Russian tennis beauty. Although she never won a Grand Slam event or made real history on the court, she definitely turned heads off it and is still doing that today. Heck, she even has her own drink: A variation of a White Russian made with skim milk. She might look harmless, but Kanellis would actually kick your butt in the ring.

On top of being a singer-songwriter, actress and model, she is also a pro wrestler. Just when you think you're getting to know a girl, you find out she could give you a flying elbow drop and pin you in five seconds She has reached at least the quarterfinals of all four Grand Slam events and won the French Open in She's an Olympian and wealthy athlete -- she's earned over million in her career. An American pro wrestler, Massaro has also appeared in Playboy.

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